English Objective Question Matric Exam 2021 ! THE PACE FOR LIVING Objective Question Class 10th 2021

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The pace for living ka question answer

1. “The Pace for Living’ is written by :

(a) Aung San Suu Kyi
(b) Toni Morrison
(c) R. C. Hutchinson
(d) Satyajit Ray

 Answer – C  

2. In “The Pace for Living’, the writer captures the agony of …. man.

(a) modern
(b) ancient
(c) future
(d) uncivilized

 Answer – A  

3. The main character in the play which the author saw was a/an …….corn-merchant.

(a) elderly
(b) handicapped
(c) young
(d) diabetic

 Answer – A  

4. The author admits that quick travel does not give the traveller the real …… of travel.

(a) pains
(b) pleasure
(c) dreams
(d) knowledge

 Answer – B 

5. Slow thinkers have a disadvantage when it comes to earning a :

(a) car
(b) factory
(c) living
(d) holiday

 Answer –  C 

6. R.C. Hutchinson was a …………

(a) American Novelist
(b) British Novelist
(c) French Novelist
(d) Italian Novelist

 Answer – B  

7. Where did the author see a play in which a corn-merchant was the chief character ?

(a) Budapest
(b) Milan
(c) Dublin
(d) Conteburry

 Answer – C  

8. Who had the fantastic notion of spending £ 10 on a holiday ?

(a) Son of Corn-merchant
(b) Daughter of Corn-merchant
(c) Father of Corn-merchant
(d) Wife of Corn-merchant

 Answer – D   

9. Who was cheating the corn-merchant ?

(a) His Son
(b) His Nephew
(c) His Daughter
(d) His Wife

 Answer – B  

10. Who didn’t dislike the rapid movement of life?

(a) Corn-merchant
(b) Nephew of Corn-merchant
(c) The Author
(d) Wife of Corn-merchant

 Answer – C  

The pace for living objective question

11. Who did like fast travelling?

(a) The Corn-merchant
(b) The wife of Corn-merchant
(c) The Author
(d) None of these

 Answer – C  

12. Which word in the passage stands for worship ?

(a) Adore
(b) Esprit
(c) Escapiert
(d) Dispair

 Answer – A  

13. Which tribe did the author belong?

(a) Fast thinkers
(b) Slow thinkers
(c) Steady thinkers
(d) None of these

 Answer – B  

14. How many girls were there in the film ?

(a) Two
(b) Three
C) Four
(d) Five

 Answer – B

The pace for living ka objective question

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