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English Objecive Question Matric Exam 2021″ GILLU ” Objective Question class 10th Board Exam 2021

English Objecive Question Matric  2021 | Matric 2021 Question English” GILLU ” Objective Question class 10th Board Exam 2021 | bihar board objective question English | english ka objective Question 2021 for board exam 2021 | gillu objective question

bihar board v.v.i objective question English 2021

1. This lesson is about true friendship between a human being and a /an :

(a) animal
(b) alien
(c) microorganism
(d) ghost

 Answer – A  

2. Everyone told the narrator that the squirrel would not ……… after being attacked so badly by the crows.

(a) move
(b) eat
(c) live
(d) sleep

 Answer – C     

3. When the narrator sat down to write, Gillu wanted to catch her :

(a) attention
(c) papers
(d) hair

 Answer – A  

4. Gillu favourite food was :

(a) rice
(b) bread
(c) kaju
(d) jam

 Answer – C  

5. The narrator liked to believe that on some ……… day, Gillu would come back to life as a small Juhi flower,

(a) autumn
(b) spring
(c) winter
(d) summer

 Answer – B  

6. Who has written ‘Gillu’ ?

(a) Mahadevi Verma
(b) Satyajit Ray
(c) Puran Singh
(d) Vidyapati

 Answer – A   

7. Mahadevi Verma was a leading poetess of the ………. school of poetry :

(a) Chayavadi School
(b) Revolutionary School
(c) Bhakti School
(d) None of these

 Answer –  A  

8. Mahadevi Verma was the receipient of which of the following award ?

(a) Mangal Prasad Prize
(b) Bharat Bharti
(c) Padma Bhushan
(d) All of these

 Answer – D  

9. Mahadevi Verma was an elected fellow of…………….. Akademi :

(a) Sahitya
(b) Sangit Natak
(c) Kala
(d) None of these

 Answer – C  

10th class ka english ka vvi question 2021

10. To which game does the writer compare the crows play ?

(a) To bite and fly
(b) To hide and seek
(c) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
(d) None of these

 Answer – B  

11. What did she see which was amazing ?

(a) A tiny baby running
(b) A tiny baby squirrel
(c) A tiny baby squirrel in running
(d) None of these

 Answer – B  

12. How many wound did the squirrel have ?

(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Five
(d) Seven

 Answer – B  

13. What was everyone’s remark about the wounded squirrel?

(a) It would survive
(b) There is half chances of survival
(c) It would not survive
(d) None of these

 Answer – A  

14. Which of the following name was given to the squirrel?

(a) Gauti
(b) Gill
(c) Gillu
(d) Gilla

 Answer – C  

15. Give the meaning of amazing ?

(a) Wonderful
(b) Astonishing
(c) Joyfull
(d) None of these

 Answer – B

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