5.Sun & Moon -Katherine Mansfield

Q.1. How did Moon’s shoes look like ?

Ans. Moon’s shoes were white with big blobs. on them. They looked beautiful.

Q.2. Who were Sun and Moon ?

Ans. Sun and Moon were brother and sister respectively. They were very young and kept aloof from the adults world.

Q.3. What was the occassion in their house ?

Ans. Their parents have organised a musical concert in which the youngsters were not allowed to participate.

Q. 4. Were Sun and Moon taken care ?

Ans. No, Sun and Moon were not taken good care as all were : busy in their own preparation for the party.

Q.5. What did the mother do before the party ?

Ans. She always told them to be out of her way and telephone her husband to remind him what to bring for the party.

Q.6. Why did the children go to the stairs ?

Ans. The children went to the stairs as they were not allowed to join the party, so to remove their boredown they went there.

Q.7. Did the parents realize the children’s pain ?

Ans. No, the parents did not and could not realize the children’s pain because even at the end when Sun was sobbing, they shouted at him.

Q. 8. What your parents do not like you to do ?

Ans. My parents do not like to attend the party at their house, They thought that they should not see the behaviour of adults at the party.

Q. 9. What happened to the little house in the party ?

Ans. Sun and Moon were very curious to known what the guests did in the party. They did not sleep at night and sat on the top step of the stairs and got a glimpse of the party. They saw that the guest were walking round the table in the dinning-room.

Q.10. When were Sun and Moon allowed to meet the guests ?

Ans. Sun and Moon were not allowed to go inside the hell. They were watching the party standing at the door. Next morning Sun and Moon with their father entered the dining-room, all things were scattered. Thus they were allowed in the morning after the party.

Q.11. What did Sun and Moon’ see in the afternoon ?

Ans. “Sun and Moon’ saw a lot of activity in their house in the afternoon. Many golden chairs were brought in a big cart. Several people came their house with flower pots.

Q.12. What message does Katherine Mansfield want to give to the readers ? Explain. Or, Which type of message is conveyed to the readers by Katherine mansfield.

Ans. Through this story Katherine Mansfield wants to say that there is a great gap between the worlds of the young and adults. The adults want to keep the youngsters away from their world. But this hurts the youngsters very much. They often get disturbed badly and create ill feelings against their seniors. So, both should try, specially the seniors, to reduce this gap and make a proper bridge between them.

Q. 13. Suppose you are son. There was a party at your house last night, but you were not allowed to attend it. How did you feel? How did you face the situation ?

Ans. A dinner party was arranged at my house last night. My mother told me that I would not be allowed to attend it because it was meant for adults. I was filled with sadness but I was helpless. I went to my room with my sister. We could not sleep because we heard a loud noise of clapping from downstairs. I cried that the condition of the dining-room was horrid.

Q. 14. Do you think the young children should also have right to attend the party specially designed for adults. Why not? Give reasons.

Ans. No, I don’t think young children should be allowed to attend parties designed for adults. It is so because in a party one gets informal and if it is designed for the adults then they make such an environment which suits them but not the youngsters. So, the gap should be maintained.

Q. 15. A young boy is sometimes reprimanded when he interferes while the elders are talking. Have you ever faced such a situation ? Write your views or feelings.

Ans. Sometimes a young boy is reprimanded when he interferes while the elders are talking. I have also faced such situation many times. I have an elder brother who often sits with his friends and discusses God knows what. But if he finds me near him he shouts at me and tells me to go away from there.

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