4. Quality -John Galsworthy

Q.1. How did the author know Mr. Gessler ?

Ans. The author knew Mr. Gessler from the days of his youth because he made his father’s boots.

Q.2. Where was Mr. Gessler’s shop situated ?

Ans. There were two little shops let into one, in a small by street, now no more, but then most fashionable place in the west end, a fashionable section in the western part of London.

Q.3. How did Gessler die ?

Ans. Gessler did not know the tricks of modern business. Hence his business went down and he died of his growing old age and starvation.

Q.4. How was his tone when he found those created shoes not his own ?

Ans. At that his tone was not one of anger, nor of sorrow, not even of contempt, but there was in it something quiet that froze the blood.

Q.5. How did he take his work ?

Ans. He took his work as an art. He was not ashamed of it rather proud of his work and maintained his work’s quality even at his life’s cost.

Q. 6. What were the two special qualities of Gessler’s shoes ?

Ans: The considered Gessler as a perfect artist and not as a mere shoe-maker. Gessler’s shoes have two special qualities, the first is that the boots seemed mysterious and wonderful, and the second thing is that they lasted terribly long.

Q.7. Why was the author absent from his shop some times ?

Ans. The shoes made by Mr. Gessler lasted very long. He made shoes of all quality and of the best fittings. Because of this often there was no need of shoes by the author so he remained absent for some days from his shop.

Q. 8. Mr. Gessler was not successful in his trade. Why ? Or, Why was Mr. Gessler not successful in his trade ?

Ans. It is truly said that ‘Excess of anything is bad’. Mr. Gessler was a true shoe-maker but not a true businessman. He never believed in making profits or doing something to enhance his business. He even did not think of leaving the job and shifting into another. Rather he kept on carrying it without having any profit. Ultimately, he died of starvation.

Q.9. What was the author’s opinion about Mr. Gessler as a shoe-maker ?

Ans. The author believed Mr. Gessler to a perfect shoe-maker.. He was good at heart and mind. The author was completely satisfied with the quality and fittings provided to him. He had a deep respect for him and his work. But he could never understand the drastic poverty in which he led his life.

Q.10. Who was Mr. Gessler? How did the author know him ?

Ans. Mr. Gessler was a shoe-maker. The author knew him when he came to his shop to get shoes for his father.

Q.11. The workstyle of Mr. Gessler was unique’. Explain. Or, How did Mr. Gessler work in his shop ?

Ans. Mr Gessler was a German shoe-maker. He worked hard but he took a long time to make one pair of boots. He was slow at work. He worked on boots by himself. He had the same skill and pride in his work as any artist.

Q.12. Suppose, you are one of the customers of Mr. Gessler’s shop. You know how Mr. Gessler struggles for the existence of his trade. What will you suggest to protect the trade from the onslaught of big firms ?

Ans. I will suggest to protect the trade from the onslaught of big firms that firstly he should open his shop every day and on the
He should work related to shoes making promptly and proper time. He should work related to shoes frequently. He should be rigid to his service charge etc. In this way he may be protected from these attentive works.

Q. 13. Big firms are selling their products and making hold on the market through advertisement, offers and big shows. Low scaled and skilled artists are being out of trade. How? Give your own opinion with the reference to the lesson “Quality”.

Ans. Big firms are making of the market. They have enough financial capacity to advertise their products and make a strong market and demand. They get commercialised with pomp and show and take over the market. The small ones are not able to compete or even face them.

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