8. Martha -Walter Dela Mare

Q.1. What is the colour of Martha’s eyes ?

Ans. The colour of Martha’s eyes is clear grey.

Q.2. Who are staring at ease ?

Ans. Children are staring at ease.

Q.3. How half of the stories were said ?

Ans. Half of the stories were said by her grave expression.

Q.4. How do they sit to listen Martha’s story ?

Ans. They sit on their elbows to listen Martha’s story.

Q.5. What does Martha do in the Hazel glen ?

Ans. Martha tells the children stories in the Hazel glen.

Q.6. Describe Martha’s physical features.

Ans. Martha is an old woman. Her eyes are clear grey, nice and calm. During telling her stories, she would sit with her two slim hands clasped round her bended knees. Her chin is narrow and her hand is small and lovely. Her expression presents a mysterious scene in the valley.

Q. 7. How does the poem Martha end ?

Ans. The poem ends with a grand success. All fordone and forgot. Their hearts stood still in a calm place and in the same way clouds would stand in the height of the sky. It is felt that a period of the age has slide away. All the children felt comfortable and relaxed.

Q. 8. Is this poem Martha like a dream ? How can you say that ?

Ans. Yes, I find this poem like a dream. When she begins to tell her stories, she presents a different scene as before. Children get themselves unable to think any other things, except her stories. Her story telling style creates a mystic scene as if all things were happening in a dream.

Q.9. Do you think that Martha and the children are enjoyed the stories ?

Ans. Yes, both Martha and the children enjoyed the stories well. As Martha is the performer of the story, she must enjoy it. The children feel peace and calm when hears the story. It means the children are taking high enjoyment that’s why they are happy.

Q. 10. Martha begins with happy and tranquil note and ends with sadness. Does she do so ? Explain.

Ans. The poem begins with happy and tranquil note. Martha starts her story with a great beauty. Her facial expressing presents a fantasy. The children are attract towards her and her stories. But as the story develops, her face presents a dreadful scene. Her beauty loses its existence and the sun sets. All forget everything and were drown in dreamy world.

Q. 11. Explain the mood of the poet when he says “Our hearts stood still in the hush of an age gone by”.

Ans. The poet is now in sad mood. As Martha begins her story, the poet feels happy, but as it goes and goes on, her appearance creates a mysterious scene. Beholding this scene the mood of ih poet suddenly changes into sadness. He feels that one age has passed away.

Q. 12. Describe poet’s feeling when he started the poem.

Ans. The poet started the poems with pleasant feeling. He chose a lady character who was master as a story-teller. The lady was Martha. Martha had good-looking face and slim hands. Sho was an orator which made the poet happy to think that his poem would get a good style.

Q.13. How did Martha tell her story ?

Ans. Martha narrated a story in front of children in a magical way. She would sit with her slim and beautiful hands clasped round her bended knees. Her narrow chin and nice head’ seemed to all half of the story. Her style was very attractive. She cast a spel the children’s minds so that they lost sight to the real world and face and get lost in the world being described by Martha.

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