6. Koel (The Black Cuckoo) –Puran Singh

Q.1. Who wrote the poem “Koel?

Ans. Puran Singh wrote the poem “Koel’.

Q. 2. What fires the Koel ?

Ans. The sight of mango-blossoms fires the Koel.

Q. 3. What do thy” and “art” stand for ?

Ans. We write ‘your’ for ‘thy’ and ‘Are’ for ‘art’.

Q.4. Why is Koel restless ?

Ans. The Koel is restless in search of her beloved.

Q.5. “O little Bird!”, Why is ‘B’ in ‘Bird capital here ?

Ans. Because the poet personifies the bird.

Q.6. What charred the wings of koel?

Ans. The fire of love charred the wings of Koel.

Q.7. What does the flaming soul of the Koel ask ?

Ans. The flaming soul of the Koel wants to know where her beloved is.

Q. 8. What happens with the shades of mangoes ?

Ans. The shades of mangoes have been burnt.

Q.9. What makes thousand memories in heart ?

Ans. The high-pitched song of cuckoo makes thousand memories in poet’s heart.

Q. 10. Do you think that the Koel symbolises true love ? Or, “The koel is the symbol of a true love ? Explain it in brief.

Ans. Yes, the Koel is the symbol of true love. It kindles our heart. It pours a rain of sparks. It remains fresh. It never gets discharged. It has the power to catch the heart of others. Its love is natural. No one knows where it lives but when the spring season comes, it appears. It denotes that its love is true.

Q. 11. Why is a Koel praised? How do you feel when you hear its voice ?

Ans. A Koel is a bird of power and energy. Its voice is so melodious that can attract any person. Due to its sweet song we praise it. When we hear its voice, we forget all others things. We begin to dream the world where there is calm and peace only.

Q. 12. Why does the poet call the Koel- “a rain of spark”? Explain.

Ans. The poet calls the Koel a rain of spark. It means the Koel is an energetic bird that lives its life with happy and fertile moments. It’s flow never stops as rain. It comes to welcome that summer which gives us rain. The rain gives us life.

Q.13. Why is the Koel restless ? Is she able to win over her restlessness? If no, why ?

Ans. The Koel is restless in search of her beloved. The sight of mango blossoms fires her all the more. So, her soul also burns. Therefore, to get relief from restlessness she calls her beloved, with spark-shedding notes. She is hopeful of meeting her beloved very shortly.

Q. 14. In response to the speaker’s question.” What singed ny wings ?”
The Koel replies, ”The fire of love has charred my wings.” Vhat does the Koel’s answer suggest? Can love burn like fire? s this burning a positive thing or a negative one ? Explain.

Ans. The Koel’s answer suggests that love is itself a burning lame that brightens all. Here ‘burn’ means always charges with Dositive energy. The poet wants to say that the energy of Koel gives us extra energy to our aggrieved soul. It burns itself and evives us; then again we become fresh as the Koeles.

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