1. God Made The Country

Q.1. Where do you find health and virtue ?

Ans. We find health and virtue in villages.

Q. 2. Where do you find fields and groves ?

Ans. We find fields and groves in countryside.

Q.3. What is the source of light in villages in the evening ?

Ans. The Moon is the source of light in villages in the evening.

Q.4. Do you belong to a village? Which natural scenes and objects there attract you most ?

Ans. Yes, I belong to a village. The river and tall trees of my village attract me most.

Q.5. Do you belong to a town? What things cause annoyance to you there ?

Ans. Yes, I belong to a town. Crowd and pollution make us annoyed.

Q. 6. In which way, do modern devices harm us ?

Ans. No doubt, modern devices give us physical comfort, but they have side effects. They create many problems that are harmful to us.

Q.7. What is the better, Town life or Country life ?

Ans. It is my view that country life is the home of pleasure. There we do not get any anxiety. We do not face any limitations. Nearness to nature can give us health, wealth and all pleasures.

Q.8. What are making our life bitter ?

Ans. Modern developments, on which we have begun to depend, at the place of nature, are making our life bitter. We have lost our peace and have become restless.

Q.9. What can make our life sweet ?

Ans. Good health and virtue can make our life sweet. If these two things we have, can enjoy the pleasures of life in a village.

Q. 10. Is village life better than city life ?

Ans. Village life is better than city life because groves make our environment pollution free. Animals and birds life in their natural habitat. At day break we are able to hear birds song. But on the other hand these things are not found in city.

Q.11. Why is life bitter ? Or, Why is life bitter ? Answer on the basis of the poem “God made the country, in brief way.

Ans. Life is a valuable gift of Almighty. God has provided us all gifts of our needs. With the evolution of towns and cities, problems have been increasing. We have no place to live comfortably. Even air, which is God’s gift, has been polluted. Water has lost its lusture and taste. Birds and plants, and trees are decreasing. It means we are losing our existence. In this way our life is bitter.

Q.12. Why does the poet believe that God made the country ?

Ans. The poet believes that God made the country with natural beauty. Men used to live in real environment where life is peaceful. Birds would chirp and trees welcome to all creatures for giving their shelter, God wished to make our life purposeful but we have upset the balance.

Q.13. Why does the poet believe that man made the town ?

Ans. The poet believes that God made this world comfortable but man has changed the world. It is the centre of unnatural conditions. Modern devices have been made by man. These devices are breaking the harmony of nature. He is making the whole world polluted. He is not able to think what will happen if it is not stopped.

Q.14. What can make our life sweet ?

Ans. God has given us a number of gifts. If we use the God’s gifts in the same way as he has provided us, our life must be sweet. We should live in the lap of nature where sweet songs of the nightingale and other birds would give us comfort. Trees must be planted at a large scale with sacred vow. We will have to change ourselves as before. Then our life must be sweet.

Q. 15. What function do groves perform in a village ?

Ans. Groves make our environment pollution-free. We can breathe pure oxygen. They give us a good sight of our eyes that makes us happy and worthwhile. In groves, we can be able to see different types of animals in their natural habitats. At day-break we are able to hear birds’ song. Rain is also cause by wood.

Q. 16. What are the birds scared of ? Explain.

Ans. Here town means the centre of modernisation where there is no tree. No habitat of bird is found there. Birds sing only where they live in natural environment. They have foresight to see disaster. They are threatening us to be aware of the calamity lest all things will be destroyed. So they are scared too.

Q. 17. Give the central idea of the poem God Made The Country.

Ans. “God made the country’ gives an idea of natural habitat for all living organisms. Being created in a natural way, villages possess a perfection that towns can never have. Addressing to the inhabitants, the poet focuses on the virtues of the rural life and exhorts them to escape from artificial luxury and comfort to the simple, but enduring pleasures of a village.

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