5. The Empty Heart

Q.1. What is your opinion about a greedy man ?

Ans. A greedy man loses his existence quickly.

Q.2. When did the man want one pot of gold?

Ans. When he prayed a lot, he demanded a pot of gold.

Q.3. Why was he given seven pots ?

Ans. The tree granted his promotion heartly .

Q.4. When was the gift given by the tree ?

Ans. When he went to the tree day to night and prayed a lot.

Q.5. Why was the man not content, although he was rich ?

Ans. He was greedy, so he was not content.

Q.6. How much work did he do for getting gold ?

Ans. He used to get up before cock-crow and laboured hard till midnight.

Q.7. Why was the tree called unkind ?

Ans. Because the tree gave him a half-filled extra pitcher to make him greedy.

Q.8. Explain the nature of the man.

Ans. The man was rich but dissatisfied. Although he was given more than he desired, yet he was not content and this greed led to death.

Q.9. What does “Silver pitcher” symbolize in the poem ?

Ans. Silver pitcher’ symbolizes enough wealth. It means if a person gets enough gold or money or property, he has silver pitcher.

Q.10. Comment on the title of the poem. Is the title justified ?

Ans. The title is justified as the whole poem describes about the greed of a man. The man was rich enough. After all he prayed the ‘Wish-yeilding Tree’ to give him a pot of gold. He was given eight pots at the place of one, after all he was not satisfied.

Q.11. What was the reason of the greedy man’s death ?

Ans. The man was very rich but he had no satisfaction. Although his demand was granted sevenfold, yet his desire shaped a demon. He was also given a half-full pot. He worked day and night to fill an empty pot and so he died helplessly.

Q. 12. What does the name “Kalpaka” evoke? What light does it throw on the character of the person?

Ans. ‘Kalpaka’ is a Tamil word means god, that has enough power to produce anything. A god should be generous and so it was. The man demanded only one pot of gold, and the tree gave him seven pots. Even an eight pot was given, though it was half filled. It explains the greed of the person.

Q. 13. Contentment is the style of life. Discuss in the light of the poem.

Ans. Contentment is the real wealth of human being. It is sure money is necessary, no doubt but how much money, cannot be limited. By our hard labour what we get is enough. We should have limited needs and desires.

Q. 14. Explain the following lines:
Nothing is wrong with a half-filled purse:
Tis the void in the heart that is the curse:

Ans. Desire is a restless bird that can’t be fulfilled even if the whole property of the world given to a single man. Each and every man needs some wealth; and it is enough to entertain our life in il good way; then why we need more ? So, it is said that our heart is empty, it is a curse.

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