4. Thinner Than A Crescent

Q.1. To whon does the friend make a report ?

Ans. Her friend makes a report to Lord Krishna.

Q.2. Way is Radha crying ?

Ans. Due to separation from Lord Krishna Radha is crying.

Q.3. What two feelings of Radha have been referred to by her friend ?

Ans. (a) She is hurt. (b) She is confused.

Q.4. What do Radha’s friends believe in ?

Ans. Radha’s friends believe that joy of Radha máy return again.

Q.5. Where does Radha’s friend go and why ?

Ans. Radha’s friend goes to Lord Krishna to report the pathetic condition of Radha.

Q.6. Why did Radha’s friend run to Lord Krishna ?

Ans. Radha’s friend ran to Lord Krishna to report the pathetic condition of Radha.

Q.7. Why is Radha confused ?

Ans. Radha often meets to Lord Krishna. But suddenly the Lord has had no occasion to meet Radha for some time. Over this, she is unable to understand the reason that caused her confusion.

Q.8. Describe Radha’s conditions, as reported by her friend.

Ans. Radha’s condition is very bad. She is hurt and confused what Krishna did. She talks her friends of possibilities of Lord Krishna who has not met for some time. She grows thinner everyday and she has grown thinner than the crescent in the sky.

Q.9. Why is Radha’s friend so worried ?

Ans. Radha is very upset. She is hurt, too. Her friends are so worried about her bad conditions. They think over the possibilities. Radha is sitting on the bank of a river of tears and highly confused. That condition is unbearable for them. That’s why they are worried.

Q.10. “Radha each day/grows thinner/thinner than the crescent in the sky”, comment on the use of Imagery .

Ans. The poet has presented a vivid picture of Radha. Each day she is growing thinner, thinner than the crescent. This picture produces an impressive effect on readers’ mind. It seems all incidents are happening now, although it is the matter of past.

Q.11. What is the main theme of the poem ?

Ans. In this poem, the poet has presented different moods of love relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha such as early attraction, their meeting, their quarrels, and their separation. This poem is in the form of a report from a friend of Radha to Lord Krishna. The poet wants to present many moods of a man’s life.

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