8. Little Girls Wiser Than Man ( Subjective )

Q. 1. Why did the old woman say to the crowd “Are you not ashamed of yourselves” ?

Ans. She said so because they were fighting for the girls but the girls were playing with each other.

Q. 2. Why did Akoulya shout at Malasha ?

Ans. Akoulya shouted at Malasha because the latter splashed dirty water on to her frock. She was angry when she saw stains on her new frock.

Q3. Why did Akoulya try to check Malasha ? What advice did Akoulya offer ?

Ans. Akoulya tried to cheak Malasha because she was going to step into the puddle with her shoes. She warned her that her mother would scold her. She advised her to take off her shoes and stocking before stepping into the puddle.

Q.4. Why did Akoulya’s mother seize Malasha ?

Ans. When Akoulya’s mother saw that her daughter’s frock was stained, she asked her why she had made it dirty. Akoulya told her that Malasha had made so. Then Akoulya’s mother seized Malasha and struck her on the back of her neck.

Q. 5. Where do two little girls meet? Are they of the same age ?

Ans. Two little girls meet in a lane between two homesteads. Dirty water running through the farm-yards had formed a large puddle at that place. They are not of the same age. One girl is very small, the other is little bigger.

Q6. What happened when Malasha’s mother came out after hearing her howl ?

Ans. Malasha’s mother came out after hearing her howl. She asked Akoulya’s mother angrily why she was beating her daughter. She began scolding her neighbour and they had an angry quarrel.

Q7. Did the old woman succeed in her effort ?

Ans. When a crowd collected in the street began quarrelling and shouting, Akoulya’s grandmother stepped in among them and tried to calm them but she did not succeed in her effort.

Q.8. What did the two girls do when men started Mighting ?

Ans. When men started lighting, the two girls made a channel through which the water of the puddle could run out into the street, The water from the channel ran towards the place where the men were lighting, Watching the chip of wood Monting along their stream, they came nenr them.

Q.9. What did Akoulyn do while the women were abusing each other ?

Ans. When the women were abusing cach other, Akoulyn wiped the mud off her lock and went back to the puddle . She took a stone and began scraping away the earth in front of the puddle, She made a channel through which water could run out into the street.

Q10. Which festival is referred to in the story ‘Little Girls Wiser than Man”? Why was sledging over? Why was water running in streams down the village street ?

Ans. Easter is referred to in the story ‘Little Girls Wiser than Man’. Sledging was over because snow lying in the streets had melted. Water was running in streams down the village street because snow lying in the street had melted owing to warm weather.

Q 11. Why writer calls two little girls “Dear little souls”,Or. Why does the writer call the two little girls “Dear little souls”?

Ans. The writer calls them “Dear little souls” because they were really so good. They were angry at first and even started fighting but soon they forgot everything and again were rejoicing and playing.

Q 12. Why did they step into the puddle and what makes them fight ?

Ans. The two girls were young children and were rejoicing in the festival of easter. Seeing the puddle they thought of time fun and came near it to splash and enjoy. They stepped in it but Akoulya’s frock got stained due to Malasha splashed to, she started shouting and this made them fight against each other.

Q 13. Why were the two girls dressed in new clothes and showing their finery to each other?

Ans. The two girls were dressed in new clothes because they had gone to church on the occasion of Easter. They were very happy and excited. So, they were showing their finery to each other because they thought that new dresses were very fine.

Q 14. What did the old woman mean by “is it right to behave so ? On a day like this, too!”

Ans. People of two groups were fighting over the matter of quarrel between the two little girls on the day of Easter. So the old woman reminded them that it was not right to quarrel over a petty issue on Easter day. The day was meant for celebration and rejoicing but they were wasting it.

Q 15. Explain “Except ye turn, and become as little child ren, ye shall in no way enter into the kingdom of heaven”.

Ans. This sentence is spoken by Akoulya’s old grandmother in Leo Tolstoy’s story ‘Little Girls Wiser than Man’. When her neighbours were fighting over a trivial issue of children on Easter day. They do not listen to her. Aller a l’ew minutes, the children forgot all about their quarrel and played together. Then the old woman reminded her neighbours that they would not be blessed by God unless they became innocent like little children,

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